Monday, March 25, 2013

Brights & Black

 Poppet outfit for a sunny day! This chiffon top is one of my most loved pieces from the spring/summer collection last year...I've been wearing it all the time! 
The crazy print goes with almost anything...but I generally team it with ol' trusty black skirt (I whipped up this skirt up years ago whilst in a 'lack of black skirt' frenzy) its a well worn favourite...and just the other day I made an updated with extra pleats!! fun

Pink socks are always a nice touch! I got these ones from Myer...they have a really nice selection of colours!

My 'Only Midge' bag is having a sit down on this cute old chair found in the laneway behind my house.
The lovely plant life is all thanks to my gardening expert housemate...I have no skill in keeping greenery alive :(
Lil' goat necklace was a gift from a handsome man (oooooh!) and I love it :)

Ps....If you would like one of these chiffon tops get in touch...I've sold out in the shop, but have enough fabric left to make a couple more!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hunter & Co. Vintage!

You all know my buddy Trish (from Trish Hunter Finds!) 
Well she just opened up an incredible shop called Hunter & Co. Vintage.
I went to the grand opening the other week and it is so amazing. 
You should go check it out if you are looking for vintage & retro furniture, collectables and records....
they really do have something for everyone!
Here are a couple o' pics from the opening party...

Trish and I in the 'study' that map!

The front section of their massive shop is partitioned off into the cutest rooms!
They are all different and always changing! 
It is such a great way to show off all their amazing vintage wares in the context of a a retro ikea :)

 trish chatting to some pals // trish and shannon from Pretty Parcel in the yellow room! Cute!