Friday, February 8, 2013

Tropical Top

 I've been settling into the hot and sunny days by getting a bit bright and colourful in my outfit choices!
This top is made from a lovely light cotton, and you can't tell because the print is so big, but it's covered in cute tropical birds.
It's massive shirt so it's nice and comfy in the warm weather. I got it from an op-shop ages ago.
(eep! which reminds me... I haven't been op-shopping in about 1 million years...maybe I'll try and fix that soon)
I like to wear the top both tied up and loose-y goose-y....but I find tied works better with this pink Poppet skirt!


Claire CheekyChiller said...

I can imagine people flicking right past that shirt, but you've pulled it off nicely, great find!

Poppet said...

thanks claire!! i find it pays to be open mined when op-shopping!!