Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shoppin' in my Shop!

 Buying things from my own shop is the greatest!
Here i am with my much loved Only Midge satchel.  This is pretty much the best bag ever! it's amazingly designed, constructed and it's deceptively fits my big ol' purse, my big ol' camera and a whole lot of other junk I always carry around with me. also its yellow and cute!
 Good news for all you folks coveting my bag! they are now on super sale!! 40% off...wowzers
The small size (my one is small) is only $89.95 and the big ones are just $105.95
Come visit me at Heroes & Villains and pick one up! or if you are not in Melbourne you can check out the Only Midge website for online shoppin' 

This necklace is another one of my favourite things I have bought from my is by Treehorn Designs which is a local label that I absolutely love, I have 2 of these great wooden bead necklaces and 2 of their amazing wooden bangles....I stock a big range of Treehorn at Heroes & Villains if you are interested :)

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