Sunday, January 27, 2013

ASOS shopping & a little rant :)

 This is my new dress from ASOS, it's pretty nice and it was cheap and I like it, 
but the whole process of shopping online at a big mega store troubles me slightly.......

I have bought things online from ASOS twice now, and sure it's easy and practical and cheap, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing... 
I'm not saying I want my shopping experiences to be difficult and expensive, but there should be a balance. 
From the comfort of my couch I browsed and bought 4 items of clothing, totaling about $80...sure everything was on sale, but shouldn't be this cheap.  Also, online shopping makes me think I haven't actually spent 'real' money... it's a nasty trick the brain plays when no cash or card is physically handed over.  I'm sure this afflicts folks other than me too!
Of the 4 things I bought, this dress is the only one I've got any regular wear out of, the others were just not quite right.  Sure, I could've sent them back for a refund, but this just seemed like a big ol' hassle! so I'm left with an already full wardrobe housing even more strays.
I don't buy clothing often, my closet wants for very why am I shopping like I need quantity over quality?

Soooooo....NEW PLAN! I'm going to buy new clothes more thoughtfully! 
In thinking of my favourite garments and accessories I've bought lately, they have all been locally made by Melbourne designers....
bought from my shop or other little boutiques.
Everything has been amazing quality, long lasting and completely unique in design...all with the added bonus of supporting local designers and shops! 
really it's a no brain-er, stupid computer tricking me into thinking I need  mass produced junk! 
who's with me?!

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