Friday, August 2, 2013


Things have been a little quiet here of late! I have been busily working on a few exciting secret projects.
One of which is my new label GHOSTLY!
It will be launching in October but I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek....

It's all very new, but if you would like to follow ghostly on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM you will get all the updates :)

Friday, May 10, 2013


 Awww geez! I love my Monolog top!  
(sad/cranky photo face is not representative of my feelings on this top...I'm just pretty bad at doing smiley photo face!)

This is one of two tops I bought from my shop ages ago...and I gotta tell you, they have been the best!
All of Monologs pieces are hand screen printed and constructed in Melbourne, and the quality is amazing...
I have worn this one so many times and it's still as lovely as the day I got it.
The cut is quite oversize which I's just so easy to wear! and the print and colour is wonderful!
So a big thanks to Monolog! you make getting dressed fun :)

Friday, April 26, 2013


Here is that great Diaz pineapple top that I mentioned in the last post.  As I said...I got it at the amazing Dagmar Rousset, and it has been such a summer favourite!  The pineapples are all hand-coloured making each t-shirt extra special :) man I love it..I need to find a way to make it work in winter time (perhaps a little 90s style short sleeve over long sleeve tee action is called for!)
Diaz are having a little sale on-line at the should go have a look.

These sunnies were a christams gift a few years ago from my pa! he chose perfectly :)
Also, i've been enjoying covering up my 'in-need-of-haircut' hair with all manner of scarves lately...
you can't go wrong with a giant paisley scarf now can you!?

So long summer :( these pics were taken last week on what might have been the last summery day of the season.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dagmar Rousset

Dagmar Rousset is such a great shop! These photos are from a few months ago when I popped in to check out their amazing new fit out....
man it looks wonderful!
I picked up a super fun Diaz tee that I have been wearing constantly (I'll show you pictures sooooon)
and had a good catch up with shop owner extraordinaire Julia!

I really gotta get back there soon....they have some amazing new ALL knitwear beanies that I love the look of...and I want to lust over all the PAM goodness in person :)
Dagmar Rousset:  157 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Monday, March 25, 2013

Brights & Black

 Poppet outfit for a sunny day! This chiffon top is one of my most loved pieces from the spring/summer collection last year...I've been wearing it all the time! 
The crazy print goes with almost anything...but I generally team it with ol' trusty black skirt (I whipped up this skirt up years ago whilst in a 'lack of black skirt' frenzy) its a well worn favourite...and just the other day I made an updated with extra pleats!! fun

Pink socks are always a nice touch! I got these ones from Myer...they have a really nice selection of colours!

My 'Only Midge' bag is having a sit down on this cute old chair found in the laneway behind my house.
The lovely plant life is all thanks to my gardening expert housemate...I have no skill in keeping greenery alive :(
Lil' goat necklace was a gift from a handsome man (oooooh!) and I love it :)

Ps....If you would like one of these chiffon tops get in touch...I've sold out in the shop, but have enough fabric left to make a couple more!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hunter & Co. Vintage!

You all know my buddy Trish (from Trish Hunter Finds!) 
Well she just opened up an incredible shop called Hunter & Co. Vintage.
I went to the grand opening the other week and it is so amazing. 
You should go check it out if you are looking for vintage & retro furniture, collectables and records....
they really do have something for everyone!
Here are a couple o' pics from the opening party...

Trish and I in the 'study' that map!

The front section of their massive shop is partitioned off into the cutest rooms!
They are all different and always changing! 
It is such a great way to show off all their amazing vintage wares in the context of a a retro ikea :)

 trish chatting to some pals // trish and shannon from Pretty Parcel in the yellow room! Cute!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Black & White

Check out the latest Poppet design!
I made this dress for a special event...and it has been my go-to party dress since!
It's been to a fancy birthday, amazing New Years Eve party,  and last night I wore it to the grand opening of Hunter & Co. Vintage!  

The stretch sateen is so comfortable to wear....pockets are the best in a party dress...and the black and white print is really fun :)  
Basically I love it! I will definitely be making some more of these for the shop...I'll keep you posted

I had such a fun time at the opening of Trish Hunters first retail shop, it looks amazing! 
I will do a post in a few days with lots of lovely photos of their amazing vintage store.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tropical Top

 I've been settling into the hot and sunny days by getting a bit bright and colourful in my outfit choices!
This top is made from a lovely light cotton, and you can't tell because the print is so big, but it's covered in cute tropical birds.
It's massive shirt so it's nice and comfy in the warm weather. I got it from an op-shop ages ago.
(eep! which reminds me... I haven't been op-shopping in about 1 million years...maybe I'll try and fix that soon)
I like to wear the top both tied up and loose-y goose-y....but I find tied works better with this pink Poppet skirt!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wardrobe v Pantry v Kuwaii

 Ooooh I do love Wardrobe v Pantry! If you haven't checked out this tumblr you really should...
they place a fashion image and food photo side by side... the similarities between the two are always amazing and beautiful! 
Their post today featured an outfit from Kuwaii's AW 13 collection next to a delicious looking cupcake...too cute!

Yesterday when I saw the photos of the new collection by Melbourne label Kuwaii, I instantly fell in love with pretty much all the pieces! 
Here are my favourites!

Check out the rest of the collection on their website or facebook! so wonderful :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

ASOS shopping & a little rant :)

 This is my new dress from ASOS, it's pretty nice and it was cheap and I like it, 
but the whole process of shopping online at a big mega store troubles me slightly.......

I have bought things online from ASOS twice now, and sure it's easy and practical and cheap, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing... 
I'm not saying I want my shopping experiences to be difficult and expensive, but there should be a balance. 
From the comfort of my couch I browsed and bought 4 items of clothing, totaling about $80...sure everything was on sale, but shouldn't be this cheap.  Also, online shopping makes me think I haven't actually spent 'real' money... it's a nasty trick the brain plays when no cash or card is physically handed over.  I'm sure this afflicts folks other than me too!
Of the 4 things I bought, this dress is the only one I've got any regular wear out of, the others were just not quite right.  Sure, I could've sent them back for a refund, but this just seemed like a big ol' hassle! so I'm left with an already full wardrobe housing even more strays.
I don't buy clothing often, my closet wants for very why am I shopping like I need quantity over quality?

Soooooo....NEW PLAN! I'm going to buy new clothes more thoughtfully! 
In thinking of my favourite garments and accessories I've bought lately, they have all been locally made by Melbourne designers....
bought from my shop or other little boutiques.
Everything has been amazing quality, long lasting and completely unique in design...all with the added bonus of supporting local designers and shops! 
really it's a no brain-er, stupid computer tricking me into thinking I need  mass produced junk! 
who's with me?!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chair Makeover

I've been quite getting into furniture re-refurbishment ever since fixing up these chairs for a customer.
This chair makeover was for the same lovely lady, who wanted her old chair fancyified by replacing
the boring ol' fabric with this fun cow print salvaged from a favourite skirt of hers.

Pretty cute huh?!
If you are in need of a chair-fixer-upper in Melbourne get in contact with me and perhaps I can help you out :)   0400 690 870

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shoppin' in my Shop!

 Buying things from my own shop is the greatest!
Here i am with my much loved Only Midge satchel.  This is pretty much the best bag ever! it's amazingly designed, constructed and it's deceptively fits my big ol' purse, my big ol' camera and a whole lot of other junk I always carry around with me. also its yellow and cute!
 Good news for all you folks coveting my bag! they are now on super sale!! 40% off...wowzers
The small size (my one is small) is only $89.95 and the big ones are just $105.95
Come visit me at Heroes & Villains and pick one up! or if you are not in Melbourne you can check out the Only Midge website for online shoppin' 

This necklace is another one of my favourite things I have bought from my is by Treehorn Designs which is a local label that I absolutely love, I have 2 of these great wooden bead necklaces and 2 of their amazing wooden bangles....I stock a big range of Treehorn at Heroes & Villains if you are interested :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Harvest Fiesta!

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the Harvest Fiesta market at Harvest Workroom! It was so much fun!
For those of you unfamiliar with the Harvest workroom, it is an amazing screen printing studio in the heart of East Brunswick! they teach classes, host artists in residence and have their own in house label of screen printed locally made goods called Harvest Textiles
wowzers! here are a few snaps :)

 Monolog's amazing printed garments!! 
i love these so much, the two tops i own of hers are wonderful and worn constantly! 
I stock all of Monologs range in my shop Heroes & Villains

 Harvest Textiles range of goodies! so bright and fun!

 Emily Green necklaces!! my sister also picked up one of her beautiful painted silk scarves!

 Stample's wooden goodies!

 Sellers selling and buyers buying!

Also!! as if it wasn't fun enough, the Taco Truck was there! yum town :)

It was so great, if you get the chance you should go check out the harvest workroom and store!