Sunday, September 30, 2012

Old chairs made new... an adventure in re-upholstery!

 Recently a customer approached me about doing some re-upholstering for her...she had found these beautiful old chairs and loved the shape of them, but the worn fabric created a certain air of sadness about them...something had to be done!

She chose some fantastic fabrics: felted wool for the frames of the chairs, and amazing woven wools for the cushions....mis-matching is the new matching!
I busily went to work removing the old fabric from the chairs and cushions then drafted a new pattern.  The bulk of the frame piece was sewn first, then attached to the base of the chair with upholstery staples and stitching.  Next, I did the cushions and covered some buttons in the same fabric.  The trickiest bit was attaching cushions to the chair frame with the buttons....i'm sure there is a proper tool for this, but i just used a big sewing needle that i fashioned into the shape of a hook....It worked well! 
And the end result....I think they look amazing, and the customer was so thrilled! Yay!!


Sophie said...

Jules. These are AMAZING! Well done!

x Soph

Poppet said...

yayy! thanks sophie! they were a lot of fun to do :)

taryn said...

O.... WOW!