Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cravats! What I learnt this week #9

It was my Uncles 50th Birthday last week (hurrah!) and my ma suggested I should make him some cravats as a gift! The reasoning behind this was two fold, firstly Uncle Pete is a pretty dapper guy and would look totally fancy in a cravat.....and second, his Dad (my pop) was a trendy guy in the old days, and was always kicking about in a cravat (family tradition starts now!)
After consulting the oracle that is the Internet, I was left a little confused by what a cravat should actually look like....apparently variety is the spice of cravat wearing life! so I came up with a pattern that I thought would work well, a nice everyday cravat (none of this pleating gathering non-sense!)

This is them, pretty nice huh?! I failed to get any pictures of them in action, so you'll have to believe me when I grandly state that they were very nice!

I tried to find a picture of my pop wearing a cravat, but could not :(
Instead here is my favourite photo of my grandparents. I think its from their wedding day, don't they look classy....Love it!

So, cravats make great gifts! and that's what i learnt this week :)


two squirrels said...

cravats are super duper "dapper" well done. Mr polka dot is slenpdid.
Happiness to you V

Alix Benoist d'Anthenay said...

Hello Poppet,
Your blog is very nice. Since Nabiha (Hulawhy) told me about you I check it regularly. :)

Poppet said...

two squirrels!! oh thank you, polka dots are always great :)

alix!! yay, i'm always happy to get a new reader, i really like your blog too :)

michael said...

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