Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Computers! What I learnt this week #10

This week I've been hard at work doing computer stuff! YAY
I won't bore you with too many boring details...but I've set up a testing server on my computer using xampp, figured out database things, brushed up on css and made a start at learning php (which appears to be completely unlike html, in that it makes no sense!!)
Now, the reason for all this nerdiness is because I'm in the process of making a whole new Poppet website! exciting!! It will take a while, but stay tuned....

Yes, Computers are fun!! and this is what I learnt this week :)


Benj said...

yr clever. love the picture!

Poppet said...

haha thanks benji! i wish i looked as cute as that girl when workin' on my computer!!