Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Computers! What I learnt this week #10

This week I've been hard at work doing computer stuff! YAY
I won't bore you with too many boring details...but I've set up a testing server on my computer using xampp, figured out database things, brushed up on css and made a start at learning php (which appears to be completely unlike html, in that it makes no sense!!)
Now, the reason for all this nerdiness is because I'm in the process of making a whole new Poppet website! exciting!! It will take a while, but stay tuned....

Yes, Computers are fun!! and this is what I learnt this week :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cravats! What I learnt this week #9

It was my Uncles 50th Birthday last week (hurrah!) and my ma suggested I should make him some cravats as a gift! The reasoning behind this was two fold, firstly Uncle Pete is a pretty dapper guy and would look totally fancy in a cravat.....and second, his Dad (my pop) was a trendy guy in the old days, and was always kicking about in a cravat (family tradition starts now!)
After consulting the oracle that is the Internet, I was left a little confused by what a cravat should actually look like....apparently variety is the spice of cravat wearing life! so I came up with a pattern that I thought would work well, a nice everyday cravat (none of this pleating gathering non-sense!)

This is them, pretty nice huh?! I failed to get any pictures of them in action, so you'll have to believe me when I grandly state that they were very nice!

I tried to find a picture of my pop wearing a cravat, but could not :(
Instead here is my favourite photo of my grandparents. I think its from their wedding day, don't they look classy....Love it!

So, cravats make great gifts! and that's what i learnt this week :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Colouring-In! What I learnt this week #8

Ok, don't panic, I already know how to colour-in! I vary rarely even go outside the lines.
But I have recently learnt that I love drawing pictures for other people to colour in.
It all began when my lil' sister was home sick from work (awww poor gabs!) and we were watching Clueless (awwww amazing!) and she wanted a fun but not mentally challenging activity, so I drew her a picture to colour. Now, I'm no artist, but there is a certain charm to it right?!

Look how great she coloured it in!! Next we did an underwater theme one, because everyone loves underwater theme!! (and yes, scuba guys helmet is done in gold texta! Fancy!)

And here is the next installment, JUNGLE THEME!! and what's even more exciting is that you can colour this one in yourself! FUN.
I did get a bit confused with how to upload a printable image, but lil' gabs came to the rescue and helped me make a pdf (ohhh high-tech!) so CLICK HERE! and then you can print it out!!

YAY! if you're real proud of your colouring send a picture of your handy work to julesmusgrove@gmail.com
I would love to see your creations!
Also, if you wanna request a theme for the next one, just let me know (at this stage it's either gonna be dinosaurs or outta space!)

So, drawing pictures for colouring-in is the funnest! and this is what I learnt this week :)