Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year!

Hurrah! it's a brand new year, and I've got a feeling it's gonna be a great one. Granted, i do think that every year....but hey! there is something to be said for positive thinking!

So, it was mighty quiet on the Poppet Blog last year...I put this down to two things.
Firstly, I am terribly lazy when it comes to online updating of things.
Secondly, 2011 was a busy busy year! Here is what happened....

After nearly 5 years of running Poppet I had grown weary of selling vintage clothing. It was a gradual realization, an itching of the feet, all the things I had loved about the business had started to lose their shine. The one bright star that never dimmed, however, was my amazing customers! you guys were the best :) and I feel so grateful for getting to know you all. Had it not been for the shop I never would have met so many of my wonderful friends that make my life a complete joy. I'm a lucky lady. Starting a small business on my own straight out of university was a decision borne from an uncertainty of what to do with my life, and a fear of getting a 'proper grown up job' out in the real world. By some lucky chance I managed to survive doing what I loved for years, and it was great, but evolution is also great, and that's what needed to happen!

So a change was needed, but what to do?! The shop had become such a part of who I was, that the thought of closing it down felt a little like losing a lover or amputating a limb, terrifying! but it had to be done. I got out my textas and made a plan, a multi-colour mind map to set me on the right path. I knew I wanted to focus more on designing under the Poppet label but there were so many ways of going about this. In the end, after much thought the winning idea was a retail collective for local designers, and with that Heroes & Villains was born. I had a month to transform what was Poppet into a new space, and what a fun month it was! I have always had a longing to be a handy man/builder and this was my time to shine, I painted, sanded, ripped up lino, concreted, built things and enjoyed wearing a lot of flannel shirts. It was a great experience, and when finished, I looked upon the bright new space and felt renewed and capable, ready to launch into this exciting new venture. Onwards and upwards!

So, the plan for 2012. So much stuff!
Lots of working in Heroes & Villains and lots of working on my Poppet clothing line!

I've also decided I need to learn more things! with that in mind I aim to do a weekly post detailing what I learnt that week. Perhaps it will be a new skill or hobby, maybe it will just be fun facts about dinosaurs, who knows...but stayed tuned and we can find out stuff together.

If you wanna keep up to date with my goings on, please follow Poppets facebook and twitter and Heroes & Villains facebook and twitter too. Yay

x Jules

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