Sunday, January 8, 2012

Macrame! What I learnt this week #1

I have always loved retro craft books and magazines! and was often drawn to the amazing macrame plant holders that graced so many of the pages in these 70s instructinal manuals. However, I never learnt how to do it, never crossed macrame off my crafty list of skills! Why? I don't quite know, I like tying knots in rope as much as the next person! So when I saw some nice yellow rope at Bunnings I knew it was time.

I learnt a few of the basic knots, the good ol' half knot, the classic square knot, crown knot (ohhh fancy!) and away I went. It was super fun, and I felt a bit like a fisherman! which is always a good thing. Now as for my creation, it's by no means perfect, and I think i made some knots up along the way that a seasoned macramist would scoff at....but I love it in all its tacky glory.

Side note: This is one of the few plants that I have managed to keep alive, It would appear I am not very nurturing. Basically I leave it alone and it survives, however, it might not do so now that I've ripped it from its pot and planted it in this old light fitting. But it looks pretty swell right now!

Yay. Macrame, check! and this is what I learnt this week :)


taryn said...

Eerie, Jules, eerie... I was reading up on the illustrious art of macrame just last night in my Reader's Digest Guide to Needlecraft. I was chiefly attracted to the knots- so many applications!- but then a thrifty guide to making floor rugs from old blankets caught my eye. I have old blankets. I have a flor...Hmmm... Anyhoo, I hope you continue to find the in-between-time to blog about your crafty antics.

Poppet said...

the readers digest guide to needlecraft sounds amazing!! let me know how you go with that blanket floor rug...what a great craft project!

there will be plenty more crafty antics coming up in the future!! stay tuned