Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hello! Christmas is nearly upon us!! Yayyyy!
If you still need some gifts for your friends and family you should visit me at 
Heroes & Villains (123 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North)
We have so many lovely things in store and you'll feel pretty good about supporting local designers and small business during the festive season :)

Here are some of my favourites! 

 Call Me Ishmael cactasaurus!! lil' ones $35 big ones $75

 Poppet Cushions $50 each

 Only Midge Betty Purse $54.95

 Only Midge Poppy purse $42.95

 BoldandStriking earrings $40

 Monolog screen printed top $100

Treehorn wooden bangles $44

Reckless Exuberance knitted bag $120

 shop opening hours!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Cushions!

I made a whole stack o' new cushions for the shop!
Pop into Heroes & Villains to have a look
(123 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Favourite New Old Dress!

 I've had this dress for a decade, it got many a wear in the olden days, 
but has been sitting sadly on my clothes rack..
..neglegted because it wasn't quite right anymore! what a shame!
Recently i thought it time to put some life back in to the ol' dear....
i took it in, shortened the sleeves and added a jaunty lil' collar.  
Now its back to being one of my favourites!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


My pal Megan came over for some afternoon beverages in the sunshine the other day...
She looked so bright and summery in her Poppet floral skirt from the new collection i thought i should take a few pictures to show you all!
I absolutely love this vintage 60s fabric, but there was only enough to make 3 skirts 
(one for megan, one for me, and perhaps one for you? its for sale at Heroes & Villains!!)

Also, how cute is her new foster hound Winona! what an adorable face :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I-Scream Nails!!

Yayyy!! the amazing ladies from i-scream nails are popping up at my shop heroes & villains this weekend and next!!
They do incredible super cute nail art, and i am soooo excited to get mine done....choosing what patterns is the hard part.
These are just some of the styles i'm thinking of getting! love them all :)

make a booking now because spots are filling up fast!
also, we're having a little giveaway competition on the facebooks
go check it out and maybe you will win yourself some wonderful free nail art!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Village Festival

Yahoooo, the Village Festival is on again!!
Every year the nice folk of the village roll into town and set up at Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy.  
There are lots of performances done in cute lil and plays and other such nice things.
The food stalls are the best tho! so much deliciousness to be had!

My hound tilda had the best time...she loves wandering around asking for pats and scraps of food!

The whole village is decorated in a very cute n crafty much bunting.

 This guy set up a little workshop in a tent and was busy sewing up some fantastic shirts


 How fun is this fairy floss makin' man! It was so good and sugary...and my nutella crepe was amazing! but toooo many sweets made me over-excited....this was followed by the inevitable crash in which i had to go home and have a good ol' fashioned rest :)

Such a good finishes tomorrow night, so if you're around you should go check it out.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


 I picked up this hat and jumper at the op shop about a month ago....and was pretty darn excited! 
It reminds me of something Blossom woulda worn....or perhaps those sassy ladies from Girlfriend 
(i'm not ashamed to admit that was the first cassette i ever bought! it even came with a poster....awesome!) 
I thought it best to keep with the early 90's kinda ugly outfit vibe so i also chucked on my denim jacket, way too short skirt, tights and clogs! 
YAY....pretty fancy right?! (don't worry...i know its not really fancy)

in other news, i've been taking my new camera out on a few learning expeditions...there is still a lot of functions i gotta work out....
but i am loving it! here are a few shots from around north fitzroy :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Hello Friends! I am on are a few pictures!! follow me if you please @misspoppet
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