Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brand New Year!!

Why hello there Poppeteers! Happy New Year to you all :)
Have you made your resolutions? I sure have....and one of them is to be a bit more consistent with my blog posting....let's see how that goes! If there is anything you wanna see more of (or less of!) let me know....but for now, here is one of my new favourite summer outfits :)

I'm totally digging on my new white jeans (umm i'm not slipping into white trash bogan territory am i?! eep)
and this top is a summer, white and really can't beat it.


Dropstitch said...

Don't fret, you don't look at all bogan! Very chic actually. Love your shoes - super cute!

Poppet said...

Dropstitch: haha thank you! i love these shoes too.....i dont often find vintage ones in my when these cuties came into the shop i snapped them up!!

harbourmaster said...

If you start to wear white jeans with pocket bling or lacing up the side we may start to worry but for now it's all Nautical-chic!