Friday, January 22, 2010

Hard Rubbish

Hard rubbish hunting is a Melbourne institution, and one of my favourite past-times!
Basically people put their unwanted household things out on the side of the street (in most suburbs this happens on a few dates during the year) and then the surrounding folks descend and the foraging for treasure begins.

The other day I picked up this charming croquet set! what fun this will be! it's missing 3 balls so if anyone knows where to buy replacements let me know.

I also got this busted up chair, and even though it's in a poorly state I think it's got a lot of style, so I'm gonna fix it up.

I've always wanted to get into furniture restoration....I think it would be the perfect hobby for me because I have this weird yearning in my heart to do woodwork (not quite sure where this came from!) combine this with my soft furnishings skills and love of 50's and 60's furniture and this could be a match made in hobby heaven :)

Of all my hard rubbish find this violin is my favourite!

Many years ago there was a pile of junk outside my house, and someone had carefully placed this adorable child size violin right on the top.....just waiting for me to find it and love it!

Hurrah for hard rubbish I say....have you found any treasures?? I would love to hear about them.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Look what I made!

After a busy few months making beautiful things for Poppet, I thought I should treat myself to a bit of hand-made goodness. And the result was this floral 2 piece! high waisted shorts and a little collared shirt with a is a little crazy but fun :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is what I wore today. Melbourne provided a lovely cool day and I was so excited to bust out my star tights I got last week. I wore them with my red shorts from the new poppet collection, a black top and my favourite hat...yay!
I sometimes get a bit overexcited when putting together ensembles and my imaginings are beginning to get a little elaborate and out of control.
Today's outfit had me dreaming of being a wise-talking dame working in a smoke filled cabaret, occasionally placing myself atop the piano to perform a sultry number. But wait, it gets better... the job in the club is merely a cover, for my work as a private detective!...foiling the plots of dastardly criminals....haha
hmmmm, a bit crazy I know....but I do manage to keep myself entertained :)