Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poppet Designs New Collection!!

Poppets latest collection of in-store designs is out now! and boy is there some cute pieces :)
Also there is a party tonight to celebrate...hurrah...come along and bring your buddies!


Ebony said...

Oh wow. Love the spots. These all look like such versatile pieces! Perfect!

harbourmaster said...

Cape! Polkadots! Bows! Sheer! All my favourite things, all together! I can't make the party tonight but will be along next week to check out all the lovely new designs...they look great Jules!

Poppet said...

Ebony: yeah...i'm a bit obsessed with polka-dots at the moment....i'm glad you like them too!

Harbourmaster: haha they are all my favourite things too...they do make for fun outfits indeed. also i loved the skirt you made and featured on your blog the other day...just amazing...congrats!

SlugAndRose said...

Will any of this be available on the online store soon??
i live in england and love your stuff!