Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frock o' the Week!

Poppet has a new and exciting feature...starting right now I will be showcasing a frock of the week....every week! Yippie.

The dresses (and other such fancies) will be hand picked by me and they will all be super great (in my professional opinion anyways) and for the whole week it will be on sale too! Sounding pretty fun right? So on with the is the first Frock o' the Week.

Wowzers! what a dress.....unleash your inner 80s sexy secretary in this lil' number. I can safely say that when wearing this frock you will feel like an unstoppable force of nature! (it really is that awesome)

On sale this week at Poppet for just $50....and remember first in best dressed :)

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