Tuesday, March 16, 2010

High Tea!

Last Sunday I had the enjoyable task of attending high tea at the Park Hyatt with some charming vintage bloggers and enthusiasts!
This stylish gathering was organised by the lovely Nicole from Circa Vintage as a welcome for her new assistant manager Carly, and a chance for us to all meet up and talk about what we love.
I had never been to a high tea before, and I was a little nervous about going somewhere so fancy (I had to consult my friends before hand to determine if it would be inappropriate to order a cola instead of tea or coffee....haha, they said it would be a-ok....I love cola!)
There was cute little sandwiches, delicious mini lemon tarts, brownies....mmmm....and scones with jam and cream! Scrumptious.

Ester from Kitty's Drawings, Marianne from Esme and the Laneway, Carly (new assistant manager new at Circa Vintage) Julie from Ballarat Vintage Style (her dress was breathtaking, and I was super jealous of her cute short hair) Claire from HarbourMaster, Maria from Vintage Suburbia, Super Kawaii Mama, Nicole from Circa Vintage, Fiona (burlesque dancer and employee at Circa) and me.

It was a wonderful afternoon, thanks so much to Nicole for organising it.
Also, we got goodie bags! yippie, mine had a beautiful scarf, strand of bead and an adorable pocket mirror all from the amazing Circa....what a treat!

For such a fancy occasion I thought I really should whip up a new frock to wear. I used a black matt satin with a cute floral net overlay.....and of course threw in a big collar and belt with a vintage buckle! yay....it is very me and I absolutely love it :)

secret: there is going to be quite a similar style dress coming up in the new winter collection!


Ebony said...

Gorgeous dress! Glad you had a great time at high tea.

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

It was so great to meet you Jules. Your dress is adorable, you clever thing. Looking forward to catching up again :)

esme and the lane way said...

Gorgeous dress, such a great job! I cannot believe I didn't manage more than a quick hello at the end, I'm so sorry – but that's my fault for being late! Hopefully see you again soon!

Kesenya said...

You are so talented - what a charming frock !! Was wonderful to meet you and share vintage love !! XX

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

you all look fantastic. i adore your dress.

Poppet said...

Ebony: thanks....yes it was a lovely afternoon!

Ballarat Vintage Style: ohhh. it was great to meet you too! maybe if i have free time in the future i'll head to your lovley town and you could show me the sites :)

Esme and the laneway: i know...it's hard on a long table to chat to everyone....it was nice to see you though!

Kessenya: thanks! it was lovely to meet you :)

Mystery Flight Vintage: haha, we certinally made quite the impact as a group...everyone looked incredible