Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pancake Day @ Poppet.......Saturday 20th.... Yippie!

Well Pancake Day was technically on Tuesday....but here at Poppet, it's better late then never when it comes to pancakes! So this Saturday, we'll be flipping some pancakes (with many a delicious topping) to raise money for Uniting Care.
Not only will your donations give you a full belly and satisfied taste buds.....but it will also entitle you to 20% off all vintage in the shop on the day!!! Could this get any better? I think not!
So come to Poppet this Saturday and eat, shop and do good!

123 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North
open at 11 and pancakes will happen shortly after.


i like you said...

wow, what a cool idea- have fun tomorrow!x

Ebony said...

I am totally popping into your shop on my way to Tasmania this winter. I hate being so far away in WA and reading that you are hosting amazing days like this and I can't be there :p

Have fun!