Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pancake Day Extravaganza!

Oh Boy! Last Saturday was Pancake Day in the shop.....and what fun we had!
My lovely sisters Tori and Lorna, and friend Amy came over to help out and there were pancakes galore!

We wore aprons! Yay......this photo is very posed, because I did not do any of the cooking of the pancakes....I whipped up the batter, but left the fine art of making them to my lil' sis.

She is a whiz on the crepe machine! (and she also has a fantastic food blog...go have a read!)
We had the classic lemon & sugar and maple syrup toppings, but we also got a bit creative!

Coconut, Strawberry and Chocolate! ohhhh fancy :)

Honeycomb! mmmm delicious

Ham, Cheese and Basil....ohhhh savory!

It was a super fun day, and everyone that came into the shop was excited (one guy loved his pancake so much he came back for a second) We raised some money for Uniting Care and had a great time in the process....thanks to those who helped out, and thanks to my lovely customers that gave donations.....Yippie

*Also...big thanks to Amy for the photos...yay


Ebony said...

These look wonderful! I'm heading over to Melbourne this winter on my way to Tas.. you simply must have a pancake day when I come through :)

Hehe, love that you posed an action shot like that. I do that as well, because I forget to take photos while I'm actually cooking "quick, throw that kebab back on the barbie and take a shot!".

What a lovely day!

Poppet said...

ebony: yay! you should definatly come visit when you're in Melbourne :) I can't promiss pancakes, but we can have afternoon tea....what fun!