Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is what I wore today. Melbourne provided a lovely cool day and I was so excited to bust out my star tights I got last week. I wore them with my red shorts from the new poppet collection, a black top and my favourite hat...yay!
I sometimes get a bit overexcited when putting together ensembles and my imaginings are beginning to get a little elaborate and out of control.
Today's outfit had me dreaming of being a wise-talking dame working in a smoke filled cabaret, occasionally placing myself atop the piano to perform a sultry number. But wait, it gets better... the job in the club is merely a cover, for my work as a private detective!...foiling the plots of dastardly criminals....haha
hmmmm, a bit crazy I know....but I do manage to keep myself entertained :)


Anonymous said...

Love the tights - very Emma Peel (that shows my age)

Poppet said...

haha, an emma peel reference doesn't show your age! just your good taste...she was awesome :)