Friday, November 20, 2009

Finger-Pickin' Good!

I love playing the banjo. There I said it!
It's the funnest instrument ever, and i challenge anyone to hold one and not be super-dooper happy....It's just not possible :)
I've been teaching myself how to play for a bit over a year now and it brings me endless entertainment, but I'm starting to feel like my love o' the banjo is subtly affecting my aesthetic.

All I want to be wearing these days is high-ish waisted jeans teemed western shirts and cheap canvas shoes (and man do i love a good pair of white socks!)
Now I personally think this look is 100% adorable, but when even my dad starts razzing me for looking like a country hick I wonder if things have gone awry (let it be said that my pa isn't the most stylish of gents, but a surely a farmer born and bred knows how to spot a hick when he sees one)

(my hound loves it when i play to her)

These are my two favourite outfits at the moment, and they are on high rotation in my wardrobe. I am willing to concede that they are a little on the country side, but not in a bumbling bucktooth yokel kinda way, but in a cute farm girl kinda way....right?
Well that's my opinion anyway, and I'm running with it. Yippie

On a related note I've just got a new shipment of stock in from America....and there is a whole heap of great western shirts. I'll put some photos up next week, but I'd get in quick because they wont last long. Hurrah.

(my buddy Em thought of the title for this post....we thought it was hilarious, but we're a bit silly)


Anonymous said...

Quite simply the best title ever. No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Jules! I hope you had a good birthday on Monday!

Anonymous said...


trishhunterfinds said...

Super SUPER cuttte!! I want to be a cowgirl!

Dagmar Rousset said...

You have the best hobbies Jules! Go-go dancing and banjo playing...inspires me to get some hobbies of my own. :)

Poppet said...

hey anonymous (aka em!) i whole heartly agree with you!

trish you would make an adorable cowgirl :)

dagmar...yes it's true! i do love a good extra-curricular activity :) yes you should get some hobbies! i find assorted crafting works well...oh and jigsaws

Coco said...

I think your look is adorable too. Perfectly matched socks rule.

Nicky said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! And I'm only sad that you are all the way in Australia because I want to start a band and HAVE to have a banjo. I play acoustic guitar! I just posted about my friend playing banjo (c'mon over and see it).

Your Pa sounds like a cool fellow, and knows a "hick" like outfit when he sees one... but it's soooo cute! :) Every time I wear boots a friend of mine teases me about being a hick because I grew up with horses! hmmph. boys!

Run with it!!!!