Friday, September 11, 2009

Je Suis Stupide!

A few weeks ago I came upon a truly amazing piece of vintage finery to put in the shop!

I couldn't believe my little peepers when I found this adorable 3 piece set, complete with a shirt, short-shorts and ....... a cape!
Wowzers Batman, thought I, this is genius!
What revolutionary mad-man invented this crazy and
oh so perfect combination of clothes?
Why did this concept not live on to be seen for the rest of fashion time?
Would people think I was slightly un-hinged if every outfit I wore from now on till I die contained short-shorts and a cape!
OK, so you get the picture....I got a bit over-excited :)
But how could I not? It's incredible!

Since I put this 3 piece in the shop for sale, I've been taking every opportunity to discuss its excellence with any customer that happens to linger too long.
I was doing just this the other day as a lovely lass was looking at the garment. I had just finished telling her how good this outfit would look on a cute girl riding a vintage bike.....the wind flapping the cape all about in a whirlwind of beguiling mystery (my imagination is sometimes slightly too vivid) when she looks at me, and very gently says "ummmm, I don't think that's a cape"
Derrr, of course its a cape! It has to be! What else could it be! What is this crazy lady doing in my shop, trying to shatter my dreams of the worlds greatest outfit!

But as it turns out, it is actually a skirt.

I think in my excitement about the prospect of a cape with short-shorts, I completely ignored the obvious meaning of this outfit....I feel quite foolish!
Yes, a shirt and shorts, with an additional skirt for more modest days makes sense. And true, it does look adorable, but I think in my heart it will always remain a cape :)

So if you want this amazing and obviously multi-purpose outfit, come into the shop and buy it......please....before I steal it for myself :)


ToriMori said...

ahhh j'adore!! tu me fais tellement rigoler. et comme tu es belle dans les photos, et tu n'es pas stupide!!!!

taryn said...


but the really fun thing is that the skirt/cape can double as a cape/skirt... depending on the lady's mood or whether she's riding her bicycle ; )

Dagmar Rousset said...

Hahaha! I think you should keep it for yourself - you look adorable!
(ps ToriMori a raison, tu n'es pas stupide! ;-))

Nicole said...

Don't listen to the sensible lady...if you want it to be a cape, then voila! It's a cape.

(you're so cute!)

Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

Great post! I think this outfit is a 'keeper' for sure! You wear it so well - as a cape or skirt! 10/10 for ingenuity!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I think you challenged your inner super hero and just went for it- totally understandable and you look adorable in the outfit EITHER way. :)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Gah, this is Awesome!!! Its a Skape, or a Cirt or something. So truely versatile, if only i were in Melbourne. I might move there mid next year - fingers crossed, touch wood and all that.

Ms. B said...

HAHA such a cute post! I think it's great as either a skirt or a cape! Put some knee high white gogo boots with it as a cape and it would be fierce!

Poppet said...

ToriMori: oh, you are sweet :)

Taryn: haha, yeah skirt/cape option totally depends on if there is a bicycle present

Dagmar Rousset: No! I can't keep any more goodies for myself, besides...the shorts are a whisker tight and I'm not willing to compromise on my sugary addictions to fit into them :)

Nicole: hehe...cape all the way! I bet you haven't made any silly vintage blunders like me :) ps. can't wait to see you talk swimwear on the collectors!

Catwalk Creative Vintage: thanks! i hope whoever buys it will love it as much as me!

Lemondrop Marie: hehe...i totally wanted to be wonder woman when i was a kid....her costume was insane

Pretty Little Pictures: Skape! I love should defiantly move to's great!

Ms. B: ohhhh, good idea...but where to find white gogo boots???

Diana said...

Haha! This is such a cute post! I love the enthusiasm, and probably would've thought the same thing too after discovering such a cute outfit hehe :o)