Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poppet Designs

My new collection of original vintage inspired frocks!

Available from Poppet this Friday.
I'm having a little launch party to celebrate so come along and enjoy the fun.
(there will also be 10% off everything in the store)


Anonymous said...

They are amazing! Do you have any other stores around Melbourne?

ToriMori said...

love them all.. how does one go about choosing? x

Avke1 said...

Hi - is there any way you have the blue or red strappy dresses in a 12-14?
And would there be any way to buy it via internet
SOOOO gorgeous :)

Poppet said...

hi....only the one store in Fitzroy North, and it certainly keeps me busy!
ToriMori: I don't know the best method of choosing....I personally want them all :)
Avke1: At the moment I have both colours in a 12-14. They are all $145. I will be putting some in my etsy store down the track, but if you are interested in getting one sooner, send me an email to
and I will make it happen!

Lavender said...

I love these dresses. Just beautiful. I'll definitely drop in next time I am down south.