Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh What a Night!

Hey Folks!
Well the Poppet Party has been and gone, and boy was it a fun night!
It was lovely to see so many friendly faces and favourite customers all in the one place.

There was drinks and nibbles, great tunes and plenty of people playing dress-ups, and if that isn't a recipe for success I don't know what is!

I also got the chance to catch up with some lovely blogger buddies.
Super Kawaii Mama, Nicole from Circa, and Trish Hunter Finds!

Hurrah...on with the photos!

Super Kawaii Mama, me and Trish Hunter Finds

it wouldn't be a party without fairy bread now would it???

perusal of the stock

playing with the toys

I have discovered the key to a fun party....Wigs! and lots of them.

Thanks to everyone for coming and helping me celebrate! It was so much fun.

Also big thanks go to...
Amy for helping me play hostess (i get shy and nervous at parties and Amy is great at working the room...we made a good team)
Lorna and Woodsy for running the one went thirsty that's for sure!
Katie for playing some amazing tunes...she started the night out with a super mix of 60's girl groups, and as the evening progressed got everyone dancing to some awesome 80's tracks. (but no matter how much the crowd went crazy for John Farnham, I still don't approve, haha :)
Tara...Photographer Extraordinaire! Thanks so much for taking all the photos, you did a great job!
Ben, for being a great shop monkey and helping me set up and keeping me calm :)

Also thanks to Super Kawaii Mama, Nicole from Circa and Jill for my lovely flowers.
It was so sweet of you and made me feel very special!

Yay...there is lots more photos on Poppets Facebook page.
Become a fan and take a peak!


whiskey.houston said...

it was an absolute pleasure to play for you. if you're lucky, next time i'll play a "you're the voice"/"two strong hearts" double feature!

Poppet said...

ohhhh.....surely you wouldn't subject me to that! haha
thanks again, you were awesome :)