Friday, July 24, 2009


Hi Folks.
I've been spending a lot of time on You Tube looking at tap routines from the 20's 30's and 40's, there is so much incredible stuff.
I was always most attracted to the tap numbers in old movies: the music, costumes, sets and style were just so magical it makes me nostalgic for an era I never new! (ah, if only I had a time machine)
I've been learning tap for a bit over a year now and it is so much fun. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm not a big fan of exercise (seriously what's the point of running....can someone explain it to me?) but when it comes to tap dance I just can't get enough!
It doesn't really feel like exercise anyway, it's more like moving (hopefully gracefully!) around to great music, dreaming of being transported back into the past in some super hot costume and dancing like crazy on stage to a sold out theater of adoring fans (that's where my vivid imagination takes me anyway)
However....I realise my dream of being a star of the stage is not a realistic one:
a- I think I would die of stage fright before I could even do a shuffle ball-change!
b- Loving something doesn't magically give you talent!
So I'm living vicariously through the amazing work of the talented ladies leading the way in the golden era of tap

Eleanor Powell. How amazing is that outfit! and yes those tap shorts appear to be covered entirely in fringing. Me wanty!

A young Ann Miller

The Holst Sisters doing a novelty routine. I love everything about this one. The costumes are awesome, they are chained together at the feet and they are sisters, what more could you ask for. My sister started learning tap with me last year, it was such a fun sister bonding activity. But then she up and left to go live in Paris, how rude I say!


Ben said...

them two swell dolls!

ToriMori said...

oh me oh my.. if you make us outfits like that I will come home and tap with you non stop (maybe minus the chains, i think that may spell danger!) ruff xxx