Friday, July 10, 2009


The Poppet sale is under way, and there are bargains left right and possibly centre.
Stop by and pick up some great vintage deals.

Two big racks jam packed with $10 and $20 goodness.

$5 Treasure Chest

20% off the rest of the clothes in the shop....yes all!

Bargains for Boys.
Come on into Poppet and get some excellent $10 and $20 shirts,
and there is heaps of great winter gear at 20% off.

The sale ends on Sunday the 19, so don't miss out :)

Here is a picture for your entertainment.
Its a Michael Jackson tribute mannequin....styled by amy

yay...hope to see you all in the shop soon :)


ToriMori said...

wow, that is one crazy cardigan in the top photo!! can you pick me out a sale item, something summer-loving for paris please.. yay!!

Lorraine said...

Is it possible for me to reserve the crazy awesome cardigan in the top photo?
I can only drop by Wednesday. :(

Poppet said...

hurrah for the crazy cardigan!

sure i can hold it for you lorraine,
i'm usually open thurs-sun, but i think for the sale i'll open on wednesday too.

torimori....i will try to pick you out something pretty :)