Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Glamour Shots!

The other week, I went to the greatest costume party that the world has ever seen.
The theme was glamour shots!
and as the invite said: think Sunday best, think Vaseline on the lens, think
People really went to town with the theme and it was amazing to see so many great costumes in the one place. There was plenty of 80's style and more denim than you could poke a stick at.
It wouldn't be a glamour shots party with out having the glamour shots! So the hosts set up a photo studio with lights and garish backdrops and two amazingly talented photographers to snap away the success of the night.

That's me! I went prom style by pinching a lovely yellow chiffon dress from the shop and making a giant bow for my hair.

Greg and Amy looking rather dashing. The suit and dress are both from Poppet
(this would make a great promo shot for the shop, dont ya think?)

Amy adorable :)

Ashleigh looking studious (check out the amazing hair braid!)

Michaela looking dreamy...and yes that is sprigs of baby's breath in her hair...too perfect for words

Tara and Shannon. Wow that's a lot of denim

Pete reading about it!

Katie being a little of her six costume changes throughout the night, each more hilarious than the last :)

It was such a fun night, and even more fun when all the photos stared showing up on the facebook. It's great going to a party that is so well documented, because you can go back and re-live all the hilarity (and show the pictures to people that weren't there and make them jealous that they missed all the fun....haha)

All images courtesy of the amazing Tara and James.
Good work folks, you did a brilliant job!


kat veronika. said...

That is possibly the greatest theme I have ever heard of. And the photos are amazing.

I wish my hair was long so that I could braid it like Ashleigh! That's what I'm growing my hair out for.

Miss Addict said...

OMG that is an amazing idea for a theme! I loves it! The photos are utterly hysterical to!

Charlotte Drene said...

Gorgeous photographs!