Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Deer

Here are some new critters I've been busy working on!
I think they are too cute for words.

They are made from super soft fleece with furry bellies and ears, and they have either felt or button eyes and cute patches on their rumps :)
They are all for sale in the shop, and you can also custom order ones in you're favourite colour. Hurrah!


i like you said...

These are really really adorable! I haven't had a chance to venture into your store yet but I peer into the shop window at night time when I walk home. Gorgeous!xx

annah-logue said...

I love these, they;re so very cute!
do you have an etsy?

Avke1 said...

oh, custom, really? How? I SO want one - can be contacted via email :)

Poppet said...

hi, i'm in the process of setting up my etsy store

or send me an email
if you want to order something or have any questions

yay....i'm glad you like them :)