Friday, March 27, 2009

That's a nice-a Pizza!

Well I've been busy working on my crafty projects....Ideally I wanted to have them done yesterday so I could show you all what I've been working on, but alas....I'm not a fast enough crafter!
So instead I will tell tale of my adventures into pizza land :)

Pizza land basically consisted of me making pizza last night for delicious dinner.
I've never made the dough for the bases before (I'm from the pitta bread as pizza base school of eating) but I thought it couldn't be that tricky so I got a recipe from here and gave it a go.
It was fun to make and watch it grow, and I felt all fancy like an old Italian man and wanted to do the 'throwing the dough in the air' technique but I got scared and thought better of it (luckily....that could have ended in disaster)

Anyway: onto the toppings
Pizza number 1: some tomato pasta sauce spread nice and thin
lots of finely chopped garlic
basil (fresh from the garden...hah fancy)
thinly sliced tomato
sliced boccincini
sea salt and pepper on top

Pizza number 2: this is a white onion pizza and has been a family favourite
for about 15 ma always used to bust it out for entertaining and boy did it go down well! I'm told that this isn't a secret recipe so I am allowed to share it here

saute on low heat 2 finely sliced white onions until they have softened and gone translucent
brush a little bit of oil onto the pizza base
put on some chopped garlic
spread the cooked onions onto the base
place sliced boccichini on top of onion
sprinkle parsley (fresh from the garden....hah fancy) or basil, your choice
add sea salt and pepper to taste
and cook in a hot oven until it looks like a pizza should

Yum Yum Yum....and now I get to have left-over pizza for lunch, Hurrah.


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