Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hurrah for $1 Socks!

I love socks and stocking and tights.
They're just so useful. They keep you warm in the cooler months (like your legs are getting day-long hugs) They can add that extra something to any it a pop of colour....repetition of pattern...or a contrasting texture.
Basically they're the stuff dreams are made of, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't dreamt of opening my unmentionables draw and finding socks and tights in every colour of the spectrum. can't be spending all your hard earned money on buying new stockings, that would be crazy....
Instead you can spend a fraction of your hard earned money buying stockings from the op shop...that's just good sense.

Most op shops sell tights and socks for a few dollars (at the most) that have never been worn and are still in there packets, and you can get some really cute vintage or newer styles.
But if you're like me and need an extra tall size....chances are they will all be too short.
This is where scissors come in handy!

Buy some ones work fine too. I got these at the op shop near the corner of lygon st and brunswick road, they have lots of pairs....and in purple as well!

Cut the legs off right under the crotch seam

Cut a slit down the outer side of the socks at the top (about 5-7cm long)
put them on and then tie up in a jaunty knot. I find the slit and knot method the best way to make sure the socks stay up when in use....(and it looks fun like a swashbuckler would wear)
note: you can brush a bit of clear nail-polish on the cut section under the knot to stop ladders

Ta-Da.....I'm not claiming to have re-invented the wheel with this one, but its a fun way to add to you're hosiery draw without breaking the bank


ToriMori said...

amazing lesson in the life of jules. i will be trying this out right away. and quite seriously, i am looking for scissors right now, while typing. go go!!

Sam said...

That's so cute! Maybe I also should do that..

muchlove said...

what a terrific tip! I'm definitely going to try that next time I find some pretty (but often too short!) tights!

taryn said...

i'm inspired! and it doesn't look like i could bugger this one up unless i try really really hard....

Lydia said...

Really cute!