Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inside Poppet

Hey Folks! I thought I would give you all a peek inside the Poppet shop!
For anyone who is new to the blog you might be wondering what Poppet is all about, I shall tell you :)

Poppet is a vintage clothing store in the heart of lovey Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia. I sell fun vintage and retro clothing for guys and gals! I source my stock locally and from around the globe, and I like to think there is something for everyone (unless you hate vintage...but that's just crazy!)

This year I also started creating a new clothing line. Designed and produced by myself, the seasonal collections are vintage inspired and super cute. Fun frocks for fun people! Currently they are stocked exclusively at Poppet, but I'm working on getting some online shopping going for all you folks not in Melbourne.

When I'm not busy chatting to my charming customers, I'm hard at work crafting toys, jewellery and accessories to favourite has to be the crochet fruit & veg necklaces, just look how happy they are! (except the carrot, he looks vaguely evil)

So that's Poppet, if you're in Melbourne come for a visit
123 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North
thurs-sun 10.30-5
or if you have any questions send me an email

Panorama fun times! i totally got inspired by seeing trish hunter finds great panoramas of her house.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Party Photos

Hey Folks, has it really been a week since the fun of the Poppet party!? How time flies when it's almost Christmas.....yippie!
The party was so much fun, thanks to everyone who braved the downpour to come, I had a great time and I hope you did too!

I wore my favourite outfit from the new collection....Yay

Lot's of lovely people having a lovely time :)

There was even entertainment, in the form of super cute hissy loco playing some swell ukulele songs. She was awesome!

There is lots more photos on the facebook should become a fan, all the cool kids are doing it.
All the photos were taken by the amazing Tara, she has a blog that you should defiantly check out, it has a wonderful design and layout, and her pictures are beautiful.

So thanks again to all my lovely friends and customers that came to the was great to see you all! And for those of you that missed it, never fear, there will be another next year.

ps. just one sleep till christmas....sooooooooooooo excited

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My new hat

Well it has finally happened, I have found the perfect black vintage hat! and it even fits my noggin, yay! I think it's safe to say that this changes everything. I feel like my life will be 110% more awesome in this hat :)
I kinda wish I was living in the 20's, a strong independent woman studying great literary works and fighting for women's rights by day, and by night driving boys wild with my outer sight charleston-ing on the dance floor....but that's just my imagination getting the better of me again, I don't even know how to Charleston....I should learn, it might come in handy one day!

This is the outfit I wore yesterday...the socks are above the knee 2 tone and I love them (they were only $8 at the clear-it Allanah Hill outlet on Brunswick street)

So that's my new hat, Huzzah!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Summer Collection

Here it is! The new collection of super cute clothing designed and made in store at Poppet

Thursday night I'm hosting a party to celebrate the new creations and to give all lucky party-goes a 20% discount off vintage clothing.
So come along and pick and mix some old and new frocks and fancies and enjoy the festive ambiance.
From 6pm this Thursday the 17th of December at 123 Scotchmer Street, North Fitzroy

Monday, December 14, 2009


Last Saturday my two lovely sisters went to the Craft Hatch market to man the Poppet stall.
They had a lovely day and sold lots of cute toys and accessories to happy customers & look how nicely they set up the table too! Yippie

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trish hunts for you!

Trish Hunter Finds is the funnest blog ever!
She always keeps me entertained with her hilarious writing and is an op-shopping demon who discovers the most amazing treasures.

Now she has started a fantastic new online shop, selling all manner of wonderful vintage and retro clothing, accessories and collectables....there really is something for everyone!

These are just some of the great things that have made me say "me wanty" whilst perusing her shop. Go check it'll be glad you did, Hurrah!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hoot hoot!

Well crazy ol' Melbourne is at it again! It was cold, grey and rainy...not at all summery like it should be. I however love these sort of days, because it's perfect for crafting. Hoopla

I made these guys today, adorable right? these owls have been a Poppet favourite since I opened nearly 3 years ago, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of making them. My favourite part is when you put the eyes on and they completely come to life (not literally...that would be awesome though....i would have so many animal friends)
Poppet will be at the Craft Hatch market on Saturday (I'll be workin in the shop, so I'll be sending my minions...aka my lovely the market to sell my wares, yippie) you should go have a look!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Party Time!

Oh yeah! it's time again for another Poppet Party.....Hurrah

You're invited to an evening of festive fun to celebrate Poppet's 3rd anniversary
and the launch of its new summer line (yup..that includes playsuits!)
20% off all vintage clothing on the night so bring your cash and stock up for a stylish summer!

Poppet: 123 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North
Thursday 17 December 6-9pm

Dress fancy and bring your buddies because it will be a swell night. Yippie

Sunday, November 29, 2009


A sampling of the super sexy boys stuff in the shop at the moment....nice huh!

So if you wanna look as foxy as Gregory here I suggest you get in to Poppet on the double! Yay!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finger-Pickin' Good!

I love playing the banjo. There I said it!
It's the funnest instrument ever, and i challenge anyone to hold one and not be super-dooper happy....It's just not possible :)
I've been teaching myself how to play for a bit over a year now and it brings me endless entertainment, but I'm starting to feel like my love o' the banjo is subtly affecting my aesthetic.

All I want to be wearing these days is high-ish waisted jeans teemed western shirts and cheap canvas shoes (and man do i love a good pair of white socks!)
Now I personally think this look is 100% adorable, but when even my dad starts razzing me for looking like a country hick I wonder if things have gone awry (let it be said that my pa isn't the most stylish of gents, but a surely a farmer born and bred knows how to spot a hick when he sees one)

(my hound loves it when i play to her)

These are my two favourite outfits at the moment, and they are on high rotation in my wardrobe. I am willing to concede that they are a little on the country side, but not in a bumbling bucktooth yokel kinda way, but in a cute farm girl kinda way....right?
Well that's my opinion anyway, and I'm running with it. Yippie

On a related note I've just got a new shipment of stock in from America....and there is a whole heap of great western shirts. I'll put some photos up next week, but I'd get in quick because they wont last long. Hurrah.

(my buddy Em thought of the title for this post....we thought it was hilarious, but we're a bit silly)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Go-Go Fun!

Wowzers.....I just got back from my very first Go-Go dance class and it was the greatest fun the world has ever seen!.
It is run by Anna of Anna's go-go Academy, and she is one super lady. She creates such a fun and exciting atmosphere, and the dances she concocts are incredible. We did a whole heap of different dances to some amazing songs and the hour just flew by (i was however super exhausted by the end)

(image from anna's go-go academy website)

So if you want to try something new, I would defiantly go to go-go! Maybe I'll see you there next week. Yay!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sneak Peak!

Hey Folks!
Well it's been all a-go-go at Poppet HQ lately, I've been madly designing, drafting and sewing up some gorgeous pieces for the summer line. It's gonna be fun and bright and oh so nice :)
I was going to keep it all secret until the launch party next month (stay tuned because it'll be a swell night out!) but when I created this little number I got so excited I just had to show you all.

Ta Da! It's a plaid play-suit! Hurrah!

In other news I got a new laptop last week. Yay.
For the last few months I have been using a frankenstein like desktop cooked up by my buddy from discarded computer scraps found on the side of the road. Now this was all well and good (free things always tend to impress me) but when my day to day computing had to occur off a live ubuntu CD (vaguely broken mind you) and accessing my files meant going into the terminal and typing crazy commands, I felt like I was turning into a nerd o' the computer variety and that just didn't sit right with me......I like my nerdiness to be of the crafty and board gamey variety.
So anyways my new laptop is super. I can do work all day long and into the night, so that means more blog posts for you to read!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I like you

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of this beautiful pocket watch from 'I like you' I never win anything so this was such a delightful treat :)

If you aren't familiar with the 'I like you' shop in Fitzroy you defiantly should check it out. It is such a cute store filled with lots of beautiful things. And they now have an online shop too for people not in the wonderful city of Melbourne.
They also have a fun blog and every week they do a if you wanna win something lovely head over to the blog.... because you gotta be in it to win!

Hurrah......I've been having so much fun wearing it, telling the time has never been more fun!
Thanks 'I like you'.....i really do like you!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I love costume is no secret!
I think every party should have some sort of theme...that way you get all the fun of the party, plus all the added fun of dressing up! What's not to love about that :)

The other week I went to a great "emergency ward" party, and Amy and I dressed up as WW2 Nurses....we had vintage wool capes, cute dresses and I made us hats and an apron. We also had vintage red cases for our 'medical kits' which Amy wisely stocked with supplies (the bandages came in handy when there was the inevitable drunken accident....eep)

It was a great party and everybody's costumes were fantastic...hurrah

If you are ever stuck for a costume, come see me at Poppet. With all the stock in the shop and all my treasures hidden in the store-room, I think we could make any costume possible! Yay

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Things

Some of my favourite vintage pieces that I've just put in the shop!

Come visit me at Poppet....123 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North to have a look at these and the many other adorable pieces I have for sale :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love my Dog

Today I was taking some photos of the new stock I've just put in the shop, and my lovely hound Tilda thought she would get in on the fun!
She is a 10 year old Kelpie Lab cross and her favourite activities include swimming, chasing flocks of pigeons and getting lots of cuddles :)
I rescued her from the RSPCA nearly 4 years ago, and she has filled my life with such love and joy.
She is the greatest!

Photos of the new stock is coming soon....I just couldn't resist showing off my hound :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Large Artist Studio Available!

Poppet Studios has a lovely big space available for an artist or crafter!

The room is 16sqM and is bright and airy with a large window and has been freshly painted. It would suit an artist, craftsperson, dressmaker, designer or anyone else looking for a creative work-space in the heart of bustling North Fitzroy.
There is also a kitchenette, bathroom, outdoor courtyard, ping pong table and piano...what more could you need! Also, my lovely dog Tilda has full run of the property, so you must like hounds :)
Rent is $100pw including bills, and wireless Internet is available on request.
If you are interested, please email me at and tell me a bit about yourself and what you do!

Yay...hope to hear from you soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you love our planet?

You do! What a do I :)

If you are under 30 go and vote in the Youth Decide Campaign.
It only takes a minute and is really important! Yay.....get the word out people

image from here

Friday, September 11, 2009

Je Suis Stupide!

A few weeks ago I came upon a truly amazing piece of vintage finery to put in the shop!

I couldn't believe my little peepers when I found this adorable 3 piece set, complete with a shirt, short-shorts and ....... a cape!
Wowzers Batman, thought I, this is genius!
What revolutionary mad-man invented this crazy and
oh so perfect combination of clothes?
Why did this concept not live on to be seen for the rest of fashion time?
Would people think I was slightly un-hinged if every outfit I wore from now on till I die contained short-shorts and a cape!
OK, so you get the picture....I got a bit over-excited :)
But how could I not? It's incredible!

Since I put this 3 piece in the shop for sale, I've been taking every opportunity to discuss its excellence with any customer that happens to linger too long.
I was doing just this the other day as a lovely lass was looking at the garment. I had just finished telling her how good this outfit would look on a cute girl riding a vintage bike.....the wind flapping the cape all about in a whirlwind of beguiling mystery (my imagination is sometimes slightly too vivid) when she looks at me, and very gently says "ummmm, I don't think that's a cape"
Derrr, of course its a cape! It has to be! What else could it be! What is this crazy lady doing in my shop, trying to shatter my dreams of the worlds greatest outfit!

But as it turns out, it is actually a skirt.

I think in my excitement about the prospect of a cape with short-shorts, I completely ignored the obvious meaning of this outfit....I feel quite foolish!
Yes, a shirt and shorts, with an additional skirt for more modest days makes sense. And true, it does look adorable, but I think in my heart it will always remain a cape :)

So if you want this amazing and obviously multi-purpose outfit, come into the shop and buy it......please....before I steal it for myself :)