Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cupcakes, Cola and Craft....oh my!

Today at work the lovely taryn and toby popped in and gave me a delicious cupcake...what joy!

I had a really nice day in the shop,
I chatted to some regular favourites that came in
I drank icy cold cola.....mmmm
and did lots of crafting

tasty cupcake and felt and wool headband

handmade purse and fabric, ribbon and vintage button corsage


Vintage Verve said...

Oh that cupcake has now made me hungry and those gorgeous crafts have me itching to get myself back into poppet!

taryn said...

i have to admit that toby chose the cupcake and it was definitely the prettiest one of all :)

Penny said...

mmm that cupcake looks delicious!!