Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's one classy customer!

This is Carmel. She is the classiest, most well dressed person I know.
Ever since the first time she came into the shop she has been constantly impressing me with her vast and well put together wardrobe.
Her heart lies with the amazing tailoring and silhouettes of the 50's and early 60's,
and boy does she know how to work a wiggle dress!

One of my favourite things is buying stock for specific customers, and because Carmel has been a loyal customer for nearly 2 years I find it quite easy to know what pieces she will like.
The other week when I was sourcing new stock I came across a lovely bright orange 60's crimplene dress and day coat 2 piece. I knew she would love it and it would look great on her so I kept it out the back for the next time she popped in.
But....low and behold the next time she popped in she was wearing a nearly identical item to the one i picked out for her....we had a good laugh and couldn't believe the odds.
But as the old saying goes
"a classy lady can never have too many orange 60's crimplene dress and day coat combo's"
so she happily snapped it up :)

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esme and the lane way said...

Oh, beautiful! More new stick? I'll have to check that out :)